How Important is an Oil Change?

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After you buy a car from our dealership, routine Nissan oil changes are important to keep it running nice and smoothly. When it comes to the moving parts within an engine, the oil keeps everything lubricated and working properly. Unfortunately, as time goes by, it can become dirty from accumulating dust and grime. In order to have a more enjoyable and safe ride, your car needs to have routine oil maintenance. 

At HGreg of Buena Park, we aim to provide the best cars and service to any customer that chooses to do business with us. Be sure to schedule an oil change with our professional Nissan service department. Also, feel free to continue reading below to find out some common questions regarding oil changes.

Will Nissan Oil Keep the Engine Parts Clean?

Within the engine oil, there are very important cleaning properties. When the oil moves throughout the engine, dirt is gathered and pushed away from the moving parts in the engine and into the oil filter. However, if not maintained properly, the dirt will jam the filter and dirty oil will make its way back to the engine.

If you want to keep the engine oil clean and performing nicely, Nissan maintenance is crucial. Not only will this keep the engine clean, it will also narrow down debris and sediment buildup. Before you come to our service center in Buena Park for an oil change, make sure to look into our reliable service and parts specials that can help save and prevent you from burning a hole in your wallet! 

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How Does an Oil Change Help Your Nissan Car?

In order to maintain good driving conditions, routine oil changes are a must. This is because the engine is able to function better when all the dirt is removed and cleaned out. Plus, you can even bump up the resale value of your car, truck, or SUV just by maintaining the engine oil.

Oil changes may take some time out of your day, but it can increase the engine’s lifespan and money can be saved in gas mileage. HGreg of Buena Park is the right dealership to take care of your vehicle because we’re dedicated and passionate about keeping it healthy as long as possible. 

Nissan Service Center Near Me

It doesn’t matter if the car is a brand new Nissan, Certified Pre-Owned, or previously used, routine oil changes are mandatory if you want it to last. If you’re searching for a place to bring your car in for an oil change, come by our dealership if you’re in Buena Park or surrounding areas like La Palma, Stanton and Cypress! Pushed for time? No worries! HGreg of Buena Park is happy to offer an express service where we take care of you at the speed of convenience. No matter the circumstance, we’re ready to help you get back on the road making memories!

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