What is The Nissan Car Rental Program?

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Whether you need a rental for your next business trip, a weekend getaway, or because your current Nissan vehicle is in the shop, you can experience the latest Nissan models and technology straight from the source. Get where you need to be by taking advantage of our Buena Park car rental program at HGreg Nissan Buena Park. Learn more about Nissan car rental below, then contact us when you’re ready to pick your rental car.

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Nissan Car Rental Benefits

Why go to a regular car rental company when you can take advantage of the newest Nissan models when you search “Car rental near me” in Buena Park? When you choose to rent from a certified Nissan dealership, you can take advantage of numerous benefits:

  • Try Before You Buy: Try out the new Nissan vehicle you’ve had your eye on before you commit to buying! When you rent the same or a similar Nissan model as the one you want to buy, you can test out its performance and technology, while learning how its advanced safety features will keep you safe on Fullerton roads.
  • Weekend & Leisure Rentals: Treat your friends and family to a luxury car ride on your next weekend adventure. Relax in comfortable seats and stay connected with Nissan interior technology.
  • Corporate & Business Rentals: Look like the professional you are for your next business trip or company conference. When you rent a Nissan for a company trip or event, you can expect quality service and unmatched performance.
  • Body Shop Rentals: If your Nissan is in our HGreg Nissan Buena Park service center for repairs, you can rent a similar – or treat yourself to a completely different – Nissan vehicle so you can stay on track with your Anaheim appointments and errands.
  • Insurance Replacement Rentals: Will your Nissan be in the shop for longer than you expected? Nissan offers insurance replacement rental rates to keep you covered.
  • Service Drive Customer Rentals: In a hurry but need to have your vehicle serviced? Drop off your current Nissan for maintenance at our service center and pick up a rental so you can get on with your day.

Common Nissan Car Rental Questions

Before you rent one of our Nissan vehicles, you may have questions on how the process works or who qualifies in Cypress. We’ve answered some of the more common questions below:

What is the difference when you rent from Nissan?

  • When you rent from Nissan you’re renting right from a Nissan dealer without having to deal with a middle man or hidden fees. Your Nissan rental has been inspected and maintained at the highest standards by Nissan technicians to ensure it’s quality and safety.

Does the Nissan car rental program have competitive pricing?

  • Nissan works to bring you a quality Nissan vehicle at competitive pricing. Contact your local Nissan dealer to learn more about specific pricing for your area and needs.

How old do you need to be to rent a Nissan car and what are the other requirements?

  • To rent a car from Nissan you need to be at least 21 years of age, have a valid driver’s license and full coverage auto insurance, as well as a major credit card.

Are there specific fees for a Nissan car rental?

  • Pricing and fees are determined by the Nissan dealership supplying the vehicle. Contact your local dealer that you plan to rent from to learn more about specific fees and pricing.

Can I drop my Nissan rental off at any Nissan dealership?

  • Currently, you must return a Nissan vehicle rental from the dealership you rented it from.

Which Nissan vehicles are available to rent?

  • The availability of each Nissan vehicle for rent varies from dealer to dealer. Check with the dealership you plan on renting from to learn about their selection.

Can I rent from all Nissan dealers?

  • Currently not all Nissan dealerships have rental vehicles. If you know where you want to rent, contact us and we’ll help you find a Nissan rental dealership close by.

How does rental insurance work with Nissan rentals?

  • You are responsible for supplying adequate insurance while renting a Nissan vehicle. In some states, Nissan is required to provide some insurance coverage. In that case, the renter’s insurance is still primary. Contact the Nissan dealer you plan to rent from for specific details on their insurance policy.

Can Nissan rentals be driving out of the state or country?

  • Currently, you cannot take a Nissan rental vehicle outside of the United States, but you can take it across state lines as long as it is returned to the dealership you rented it from.

Get Your Next Rental Car at HGreg Nissan Buena Park!

Whether you need a Buena Park car rental for your next business trip or you just need some extra off-road performance for your next outdoor adventure, you won’t need to search “car rental near me” after you’ve found HGreg Nissan Buena Park! Learn more about our Nissan car rental program by contacting our sales team, we’ll have you set up in a great rental car so you can get back on the road and on with your day!

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