Top Nissan Sedans of All Time

Sedans are the common choice by many seasoned drivers. Their classic look and outstanding drivability are some of the reasons why many people choose this type of vehicle. Moreover, even if they are smaller than SUVs and vans, they can still cater to the needs of a family without having to break their budget. A good sedan combines several qualities including utility, convenience, and fuel economy. As time goes by, Nissan continues to offer these amazing attributes in better sedan packages. So, whether you are looking for a Nissan Sentra, Maxima, Altima, or another model, here are some of the best options to look for in a Santa Ana dealership.

1. Altima Sedan

This car is one of the best midsize sedans in the market. It delivers an amazing drivability coupled by excellent fuel economy. Its interior may not be as luxurious as high-end brands but it ensures comfortable travel with its soft and ergonomically-designed seats. It also provides a good amount of cabin space. It is one of the safest sedans in the market and it excels in many crash safety tests. Its latest model now carries the forward collision warning technology that comes with brake assistance. Although there is still a lot to improve, this car is a standout competitor in the sedan lineup.

2. Sentra

One of the oldest sedans in the market, this car model can still perform at par with newer sedan models. As a compact car, this car is roomy. It provides ample space in the cockpit for comfortable driving. It also offers ample cabin space for baggage. It ensures a quiet drive and it is fuel-efficient by most car standards. This car is built to handle daily drives to and from work, in and out of the city. It is one of the top choices among sedans due to its amazing qualities and its affordable price tag.

3. Maxima

This car is considered a low-cost sports car. It comes with a high-performance V6 engine that makes 300 horsepower. It is packed with the latest driving technologies and infotainment capabilities including an 8-inch touchscreen display for navigation. It is also compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It comes standard with adaptive braking and it offers an option to add adaptive cruise control.

If the base unit seems lacking, you can upgrade it with diamond-quilted seat inserts, dual-panel sunroof, and ambient lighting. Truly, this sedan combines luxury and sports capability.

4. Versa Sedan

This is a basic sedan that offers ample cargo room, spacious seating, reasonable drivability, and a low price. With a goal to be as affordable as possible, it is successful and achieves an incredible look and feel.

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