Is Nissan a Good Car Brand? Here are the Best Cars from This Brand

Nissan continues to make redesigns, remodels, and refreshes on its lineup of cars. As one of the best brands in the world, many car enthusiasts are waiting for what this manufacturer plans to release next. If you have been visiting a Nissan dealership in Santa Ana, it is likely that you have fallen in love with many of its cars. Be it a simple sedan or a lavish sports car, you can easily find one that suits your need, taste, and style. If you are still contemplating on what car to buy, here are some of the best cars from this esteemed car manufacturer.

1. GT-R

This car is dubbed as the Godzilla of supercars because of its size, capability, and performance. It carries a massive twin-turbo V6 engine and an all-wheel drive system that sends shocks to the pavement. It has a quick steering capability, which makes driving enjoyable. Its amazing suspension ensures its stability even when you are driving quickly. This car is not for the faint of heart but it is extremely safe to drive and even newbie drivers can feel comfortable handling it.

On top of its amazing performance, the GT-R is a good-looking beast. It exudes form and function with its updated look, stiffer hood, and more effective chin spoiler. All these redesigns intends to make it more aerodynamic.

2. 350z Coupe

This car is a revival of its iconic sports coupe. Its retro design is both nostalgic and refreshing. This car carries a huge V6 engine matched with an aggressive look. It is an absolute head turner as it roars when driven on the road. It provides an amazing driving experience that is difficult to match. Hence, it is one of the most in-demand sports coupes of its time. Even today, you can still see this car wowing enthusiasts.

3. 350z Roadster

A convertible version of the powerful sports car, the 350z Roadster is a true delight. It is the epitome of a real sports car with pure performance, exciting roar, and outstanding appeal. If you are searching for a sports car that you can show off, this is the one. Many car experts call it the Cadillac on acid because of its amazing look and beefed up performance. It is a true bling that a true-blue petrolhead should have.

4. Altima Sedan

One of the stylish offerings from Nissan, the Altima Sedan is a beauty. It copies the dramatic styling hues of the Maxima while providing a high-end vibe. This vehicle carries a power V6 engine that you would not normally find in a sedan. Surprisingly, it carries a massive engine so it never lacks power wherever you choose to drive it.

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