Nissan Compact Crossovers You Might Love

When it comes to driving practicality, getting a compact crossover sports utility vehicle (SUV) is your best bet. Compact crossover SUVs offer almost the same powerful performance and strong off-road feature as regular SUVs but in a much smaller footprint. Therefore, they are easier to use when squeezing through city traffic yet they also make for a good fast ride in the open highway. When it comes to compact crossovers, Nissan offers some of the best ones in Orange County including the Juke, the Rouge Sport, and the newer Kicks. Read on to find out which among these three is more suitable for you before you visit a Nissan dealer in Orange County.


1. Juke


If you want a cute compact SUV, the Juke is your best bet. It has a unique appearance that many people adore. However, if you are looking for something more muscular, this might not be it. Still, the Juke is fun to drive and its highly-responsive handling makes driving even in the narrow streets of the city safe and easy.


The slight disadvantage of this vehicle is that it has a small headroom. Since its design arches in the rear, the headroom in the back is lower so taller passengers might have a hard time there. In exchange for this, the Juke looks quirky and if you are someone who loves going against the grain, this car is perfect for you.


2. Rouge Sport


The Rouge Sport is a bigger option from the Juke when it comes to compact crossovers but a smaller option from the Rogue when it comes full-blown SUVs. This vehicle provides comfortable seating to up to five adult passengers. Since it is bigger, it has a higher headroom compared to the Juke, which is why taller drivers and passengers prefer it.


This car has the same chassis as the regular Rogue but comes with a tinier body. Due to this, the cabin space inside the car is smaller as well, but it is still considerably enough for its five passengers. Moreover, if you need additional space for luggage or any haul and don’t have a lot of passengers, you can completely fold down the rear seats to make more room for cargo.


Under the hood, this car has a CVT engine and offers front-wheel drive. If you want an all-wheel-drive vehicle, it is offered as an option. It also carries many new driving techs such as a touchscreen display, an easy-to-use navigation system, satellite radio, and Bluetooth phone connectivity.


3. Kicks


The Kicks is the newer compact crossover from this brand and is designed to take on the daily drive in the city. It is an affordable vehicle that is fun-to-drive even in the city traffic. Although it doesn’t carry all the bells and whistles in a compact SUV, getting the Kicks won’t put a huge hole a in your pocket.

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