Best Used Nissan Cars to Buy in Orange County

If you plan to buy a car but are on a tight budget then you can check out different used Nissan cars. By doing this, you can still get a reliable car for a fraction of the price. Moreover, it is still relatively easy to find Nissan parts in Orange County so if you need to do some maintenance on the car that you buy or you need to make replacements, you can easily do so. Here are some of the best used cars from this Japanese automotive manufacturer.


1. Sentra 2000 model


The Sentra is one of the longest-running lineups from this manufacturer, which proves how reliable it is. In 2000, this car model received a major refresh on the design, which made it a lot bigger than before. Hence, it offers more cabin and cargo space for passengers and their haul. Furthermore, it used a more contemporary platform that made it more durable and stable. Additionally, the newer platform has made this car more practical to drive and it provided a sportier vibe.


Under the hood, the 2000 Sentra has a powerful 4-cylinder engine. It came in different configurations, and you can choose from a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic transmission. In terms of fuel efficiency, this car boasts 35 mpg on the open highway and about 28 mpg in the traffic-filled city.


The base model of the 2000 Sentra is already amusing to drive but you can get one with added features for an improved driving experience. You can get one with cruise control, a sunroof, and an entertainment system that plays CDs, which was already advanced during that time.


Overall, this Sentra is a practical choice. It comes with all the basic necessities you need for a reliable car and at a very attractive price especially when you buy it used.


2. Altima 2002 model


The upgraded 2002 Altima is bigger and better than its predecessors. So, it offered more space inside the car and guaranteed a more comfortable ride than before. Its trunk also had more space for cargo than before. With its improved looks, more people liked this car better than its competitors.


The 2002 Altima also came with an upgraded interior, which is sleeker than before. Moreover, its dashboard was redesigned to make it look a lot neater and more intuitive.


This sedan carries a 4-cylinder engine that can be upgraded to a V6 engine for more power. In a way, the V6-powered variant is like a tame sports car. In terms of fuel efficiency, the V6 engine offered 29 mpg on the highway and 23 mpg in the city.


3. Maxima 2004 model


The 2004 Maxima is a great car brand new and is an amazing car even when pre-owned. It is one of the brand’s most lavish sedan. So, if you get it pre-owned, you can still enjoy the hints of luxury coming from this car.


As a luxury ride, this car is powered by a V6 engine. Hence, it guarantees quick acceleration, especially on the open highway.
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