Best Nissan Cars of the ‘90s in Orange County

Nissan has been around for about 83 years, and over those years, it has already produced some of the best cars most of us have ever seen. The automotive manufacturer is known for its catchphrase “innovation that excites” and has really created many innovative cars that have excited many drivers all around the world. Whether it is a sedan, a sports car, an SUV, a truck, or any other vehicle, there is always a Nissan suitable for you from an Orange County dealership. In here, we take a look at some of the best cars from this brand from way back the ‘90s. Some of these cars are not only amazing on the road but they are extremely dependable that they rarely need to visit the Nissan service center in Orange County. Without further ado, here are some of the best ‘90s vehicles from this brand.


1. Altima


One of the best-selling vehicles of this brand is the Altima. The car has been around since 1993, and it is still getting a refreshed version even today. For over two decades, this car has been one of the hottest cars in the lineup, and it has proven itself time and again that it is a reliable sedan. This car can easily go head to head against the top-of-the-line sedans of other brands and still come out on top.


The new Altima comes with a powerful V6 engine and is a hybrid variant. Hence, it is one of the best choices for a high-performance sedan that also takes proper consideration on fuel economy and driving safety.


2. 240SX


The now-defunct sports car is a powerful ride way back in the ‘90s. The 240SX was an amazing car that was available in various body options including a couple, a convertible, and a hatchback. Therefore, when it comes to style, this car doesn’t lag behind, the same way that it doesn’t lag behind competitors when driven.


The 240SX was also known for its premium handling that can be attributed to its MacPherson struts. Even if the car manufacturer has already stopped producing the 240SX, it is still one of the most sought-after sports cars of today due to its uncanny performance. If you want a fast car that looks amazing, this is one of the most prominent options from this brand.


3. Skyline GT-R


The Skyline GT-R is popular as “Godzilla” because it is the epitome of performance and good looks when it comes to this Japanese car brand. The Skyline GT-R is such an inspiration that the carmaker has produced a lot of vehicles of similar lineage. This vehicle is known for its high-performance V6 engine that roars on the road. It is truly a beast on the open highway and it rockets to 60 mph from full stop in just 2.7 seconds.


Today, the present-day GT-R carries the same genetic makeup as the Skyline GT-R but with tons of improvements to make it way better from its ‘90s ancestor. The present-day GT-R is also popular as one of today’s fastest production cars. Hence, its lineage can be called one of the most admirable car lineups of all time.

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