4 Top Nissan Hatchbacks You Can Buy in Orange County

The hatchback is one of the most fun and practical body forms when it comes to vehicles. The hatchback can cater to a number of passengers while offering ample space for cargo. If more space is required for cargo, the rear seats can usually be folded down to make more room. Additionally, the hatchback is a good-looking body form among cars. Nissan has produced several hatchbacks that are worth taking into consideration. If you are in Orange County and are looking for a new or used Nissan vehicle, here are the top hatchbacks that you should take a look at.


1. 240SX Hatchback


The 240SX is a popular 1990s sports car that was available in coupe, convertible, and hatchback variants. What is iconic with the 240SX hatchback is that it arrived with a rear-wheel drive configuration back in a time when entry-level vehicles only came in a front-wheel-drive configuration. The rear-wheel-drive setup is proven to be more superior than the other one when it came to maximizing the driving potential of a vehicle. Hence, the 240SX hatchback paved the way for better sports vehicles arriving later on in that decade.


2. NX Hatchback


The NX hatchback is part of the lineup of two-door sports cars in the early 1990s. This vehicle was in production from 1990 to 1993, and then newer models were created based on it. Although production for this car has already stopped more than 20 years ago, many people are still in love with this hatchback. Its aggressive stance is one of the top reasons seasoned drivers want to have the NX hatchback in their garage.


3. Versa Note


The Versa Note is a good-looking hatchback that is perfect for city drivers. This car is known for its topnotch fuel economy, which is what you would want in the car if you often drive in city traffic. Although this hatchback is not very powerful, it delivers the kind of performance that will allow you to enjoy driving in the big city. Aside from its agility that is a perfect fit in city roads, the Versa Note is a very affordable car.


4. Leaf


If you want a hatchback in Orange County that is environment-friendly and has minimal impact on the environment then you shouldn’t look anywhere else than the Nissan Leaf. This electric vehicle is powered by an electric motor with an estimated maximum range of 151 miles on a single full charge. With tons of charging stations around, you can juice it up again and for 30 minutes of charging, it promises up to 90 miles of road to cover. Amazingly, this car also comes with advanced driving technologies including a Pro-Pilot Assist that makes driving easier, self-steering lane assist, and an intuitive infotainment system.

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