5 Best Ways to Pass the Time During a Road Trip

Play Some Road Trip Tunes


Every seasoned road tripper knows that a large part of the trip’s success depends entirely on the playlist. A road trip should have a decent set of pre-planned tunes to help pass the time. Play the music loud while cruising down the winding highway, and let everyone know that they’re encouraged to sing along.


Listening to Audiobooks


Certain groups of roadtrippers prefer rich spoken content over a playlist of road trip tunes. For these travellers, there’s a virtually limitless library of audiobooks to choose from. From non-fiction selections covering politics, history, and religion, to great works of literature both modern and contemporary, travelers can scale the open road while introducing their minds to new stories and concepts.


Watching a Film


Unfortunately, this one doesn’t really apply to the driver. For everyone else in the car, however, watching a good film is sometimes the easiest way to kill a couple of hours. We’re thankfully past the days of the portable DVD player; travellers can now load up their laptops, tablets, or smartphones with their favorite film selections viewable offline. Hopefully the driver won’t mind being left out of the fun for the time being.


Turning the Road Trip Into a Photography Trip


Ideally, there’s no rush when it comes to a road trip. This means that travelers should feel entirely free to park the car on the side of the road and get out to take a good picture when the opportunity presents itself. Everyone in the car should have their eyes peeled for breathtaking scenery and have their cameras at the ready. While there will likely be great pictures to be taken once the travelers arrive at their destination, there’s no reason why photo opportunities shouldn’t be capitalized on along the way. Just be sure to park the car when taking pictures, since no one likes a blurry snapshot.


Enjoying the Company


While the scenery and the experience of traveling are central components to a road trip, what really ties the experience together is the company of people traveling together in the vehicle. Whether traveling in a Santa Ana Nissan Juke or an Anaheim Ford Focus, all road trippers should take advantage of the opportunity they have to get better acquainted with the people they’re travelling with. From reminiscing about old times to having a deep discussion on intricate topics, it’s sometimes best to turn the radio off and enjoy a dialogue with the other people in the car. After all, there’s no shortage of new things to be said. Road trips are one of the best ways to see new things, scale foreign roads, and form valuable bonds with friends and family.

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