Test Driving The New Nissan Juke 2018 Model

A test drive allows a buyer to determine how the vehicle is performing and detect problems with the suspension, brakes, drivetrain, steering, and other critical areas. Buyers should test drive the different cars they intend to purchase on the same day so that they can compare them more easily.

A new Nissan Juke in Santa Ana is quite impressive, and anybody who test drives it will want to buy it immediately. A test drive should last more than thirty minutes and the car should be driven on different terrains and through various conditions. Salespeople tend to suggest particular routes that minimize problems while others allow the buyer to take out the car alone, hence, the need to tag a friend along. The text highlights what the buyer should look for when test driving a Nissan Juke.


Here, the buyer determines the ability of the car to accelerate after a stop. It is also to check how the automobile maintains highway speeds without bumping. If the engine makes a loud noise when shifting to that speed, look for an alternative. The buyer should also test the speed on a steep hill to identify problems with transmission shifts or the engine. The vehicle should not cause clunks or sudden shifts, and there should smooth delivery of power between the engine and transmission.

The Level Of Comfort

Buyers can test this aspect by driving the car on smooth terrain and one full of cracks, potholes, and seams. Does the suspension rattle the body or does it isolate the driver from the actual condition on the road? Vehicles that have soft suspensions feel bumpy and cause the body of the car to wallow up and down after a large pothole. Buyers should look for cars that recover immediately after hitting bumps. Naturally, buyers seek sporty cars due to their recovery features and handling characteristics. The downside to these cars is that they wear out faster than SUVs like the Juke and other small vehicles.

The Braking System

The buyer may require an expert to test the car's braking system. The goal is to determine how the car responds to soft and forceful braking; it should be seamless and progressive. Electric and hybrid cars may feel different as they integrate systems that collect the braking energy to charge the vehicle's battery.

The Noise

Gauge this feature by driving the Nissan Juke on a highway. Close the windows and turn off the music to hear what is going on. Check how noisy or subdued the engine is during highway cruising and heavy acceleration. Vehicles with four-cylinder engines are louder than those with V6 engines and they get noisier with age. Also, check the wind noise that is often caused by side mirrors and roof rails on wagons and SUVs.
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