What to Look for in a New Car

When you decide to buy a new car, you are confronted with a number of choices which relate to your lifestyle, your work and travel needs, and even your relationship to the environment. Are you looking for a family-friendly runaround or a sporty two seater to burn up the country roads on weekends? What matters to you in a car? Is it fuel economy or power or off-road capability or some combination of all of these? There are also all kinds of new technologies being incorporated into car design and potential buyers can choose to go with models that offer features like enhanced safety and onboard WiFi.

Which type of car fits your lifestyle?

This is the first choice a new car buyer needs to make. Cars have come to define our lifestyles and your choice says a lot about you. Practical, functional, fuel- efficient workhorses or sporty two-seater couples like the Nissan 370Z you saw at an auto show in Orange County? Your life and needs may provide the answer here. If you’re looking for a reliable family car, an SUV or van is the best choice to ferry around kids, sports equipment, science projects and the groceries needed to keep the brats in good health.

What about the environment?

Luckily, the various types of cars overlap different categories, so you can get family friendly cars that are not gas guzzlers. In fact, hybrid or all-electric vehicles are also family-friendly vehicles so you don’t have to choose between what’s best for your family or the environment. The choice in this area comes down to hybrid vehicles, which use both electrical and internal combustion engines, or all-electric vehicles which run entirely on an electric-powered engine. All-electric vehicles are extending the range of the distance they can travel before the electric battery needs to be recharged.

New safety features

Car buyers also have the choice of models that incorporate the latest safety features. Many of these were developed for self-driving cars but have made their way to regular models. For example, infra-red cameras and sensors give the driver warning of objects at the rear and back of the vehicle. Lane departure monitoring and correction keeps vehicles in the correct lane and crash-avoidance sensors apply automatic braking to avoid collisions. Pedestrian detection and braking are other features that improve overall safety.

When choosing a new car, buyers have a number of basic decisions to make regarding features. Family-friendly, fuel-efficient, all electric and off-road vehicles all meet different tastes and needs.

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