The 3 Most Sizzling Sports Cars of All Time

Car enthusiasts are lucky enough to be able to look back on decades upon decades of hot, sizzling sports cars. While Orange County Nissan 370z drivers have a lot to be proud of in terms of their sports car’s prowess, there often comes a time to pay tribute to some of the best models of the genre.

Ferrari Daytona

Some see the release of the Ferrari Daytona as a direct response to the Lamborghini Miura, released shortly before it. While the Miura was fiery and exciting, the Daytona was distinguished and rich. While its official designation was the Ferrari 365 GTB/4, it’s popularly known as the Daytona, a name sourced from Ferrari’s 1-2-3 placing at the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona endurance race. Unlike other selections of this list, the Ferrari Daytona is a gem among car collectors due to how closely it evokes the lush glamour and grace of the 1960s. Despite its class, the Daytona is no pushover in the performance department, featuring a 4.4-liter V-12 that pumps power directly to its rear wheels. In all, the Daytona can produce up to 352 horsepower, enough to reach 0-60 mph in under 6 seconds.

Chevrolet Corvette

No true car enthusiast can deny the fact that the Corvette is one of the most well-known, beloved American sports cars of all time. First coming into the automotive scene way back in 1953, the Corvette has been a shining staple of the sports car genre for decades. Each generation of the car brought its own distinct design and feel. As of 2014, the Corvette is in its 7th iteration, and car lovers have every reason to look forward to new versions of the beloved Corvette in the future. Despite its changes over the years, the Corvette has retained an aesthetic faithfulness to its original build, with every model featuring a front engine/rear wheel drive layout, a fiberglass body, V-8 engine, and two seats.

Dodge Viper

Another American classic, known for its swooping body and robust ten-cylinder engine, the Viper is lauded in the car world for its signature speed and dynamic engine roar. The Dodge Viper originally debuted in 1992, and has been seen as an unfiltered, raw car ever since. It featured a variety of unique characteristics that were, admittedly, not very attractive. Examples include door sills that were quite adept at attracting heat (since the car’s exhaust pipes were mounted to the side) and a plastic-clad interior that didn’t match the car’s exterior look or price tag (hovering around $60,000 in the first part of the 1990’s). Despite all that, it’s clear that anyone who drove a Dodge Viper did it for the sheer wildness of its engine as well as its irresistible build.

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