The Problem with Putting the Wrong Fuel in One’s Car

When one purchases a new Nissan from Orange County, or a Nissan Pathfinder from Orange County, they figure they are going to take the best possible care of it. Indeed, they imagine themselves washing it once, maybe twice a week, always taking it to the mechanic on time, and so on and so forth. For some, this becomes a reality. For others, not so much. However, regardless of the category one finds themselves in, putting the wrong fuel in their car can happen, especially if one is extremely stressed or tired.

Why Is It an Issue?

Even though diesel and petrol have origins that are very similar, as well as end uses that are quite similar, they are also extremely different in the way they get the job done. That is to say, they interact with the engine of a new Nissan from Orange County or a Nissan Pathfinder from Orange County in entirely different ways.

Diesel is not only a source of fuel, but it also functions as a lubricant. As such, while it goes through the fuel system, which burns it up, it also helps the moving components do their part of the work smoothly. Petrol, on the other hand, is a solvent. This means that it doesn’t lubricate, but it has rather the opposite effect, which is why a petrol engine needs engine oil for lubrication.

When each of these fuels comes into contact with a new Nissan from Orange County that uses the opposite kind, catastrophic results may come about. The engine of a Nissan Pathfinder that needs diesel will not receive its needed lubrication from petrol, while the engine using petrol will not be able to fire with diesel, since it has completely different combustion temperatures.

Don’t Start the Car

If one has figured out that they used the wrong fuel right after putting it in, the biggest piece of advice is not drive the car. In fact, it shouldn’t even be turned on. That’s because the minute one turns the car on, the wrong fuel will start reaching the engine, creating problems there. If one doesn’t start the car, then the damage will only be contained to the fuel tank.

Mobile Drain

One of the easiest solutions to this issue is to call a company that comes straight to one’s vehicle and hook up their machine to the fuel tank, sucking out all the wrong fuel. They usually also flush the lines with the correct fuel, while adding a special solvent to dissolve the wrong one.

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