Insurance Fraud Protection

Regardless of whether one purchases a new Nissan Leaf from Orange County or a used Nissan from Orange County, they will have to get car insurance. The issue is that car insurance fraud has started to grow at a rate that is quite concerning, possibly affecting many drivers out there. As such, it’s great to take the steps to ensure that that doesn’t happen to an individual.


Insurance fraud occurs when a company, consumer, agent or adjuster deceives others intentionally, trying to get an illegitimate claim. This can happen at every step of the way, from buying, underwriting, or selling that insurance.

Smart Shopper

When looking for car insurance for a Nissan Leaf in Orange County, or a used Nissan from Orange County, one should be sure to look for a few warning signs, and if they see them, move on to another company. One should be extra careful of agents going door to door offering policies, or those who make phone calls trying to get more clients. One should be sure to call the insurance company to confirm that they indeed work for it. Also, if an offered policy comes at a much lower rate than the others, it could be a scam. When deciding on a company, one should be sure to contact the insurance departement of the state to check whether the company is licensed or not.

Cautious Driver

There is nothing more unpleasant than being in an accident, regardless of whether one is driving a new Nissan Leaf from Orange Country or a used Nissan from Orange County. If that accident is staged, it is all the more unpleasant. As such, one should try their best to drive with care. Something that could help is installing a dash cam, which will capture any incidents. Also, one should be sure to be weary of cars that pull in front of them, forcing them to follow at a very close range.

After an Accident

If an accident has happened, one should be sure to exchange details with the driver, and to get their proof of insurance, vehicle registration, as well as their driving license. One should also film the damage to both vehicles. One should also call the police to explain what happened, and make sure the police report includes the name of the officer, even if the damages were small. This is important for ensuring that the other individual won’t claim that the damages were much more extensive than they actually were.

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