Driving Habits to Avoid

Most people like to think of themselves as great drivers. In fact, most think that they are better than average when it comes to their driving skills. As such, they don’t think that they will have to go to a Nissan service in Orange County too soon after purchasing their Nissan from a dealership in Orange County. However, often, bad driving habits lead to a car breaking down or running into issues much too soon after being purchased from a Nissan dealership in Orange County, which will lead to it having to be taken to that Nissan service in Orange County.

Driving in First Gear

While it may be tempting to use the first gear just a little while longer after getting the car rolling, it is a bad idea. The first gear is made to get the car moving. After that happens, the second gear should be used, before the RPM needle goes too far.

Hand on Shifter

Keeping one hand on the shifter may look good, and to some, it may even feel more relaxing. However, the only time one’s hand should be on the shifter is when the gears are being changed. Beyond that, it should be on the wheel. This is first of all a safety concern, as one can control the car a whole lot better when they have both of their hands on the wheel. However, there is another reason for that, which is that the shifter is connected to a selector fork, which is connected to a rotating collar. If one’s hand is on the shifter, that pressure will likely go down, making the shifter fork rub against the collar, which leads to wear and tear.

Too Little Fuel

It has happened to everyone that they notice their fuel is running low, but they are too tired, and prefer to drive straight home. This is perfectly normal. However, if it happens too often, it can lead to one needing to take their Nissan to a service in Orange County. Most fuel pumps systems keep cool by staying covered in gas. If one drives with only a little fuel, the gas pump won’t be able to cool, which means that it may need replacing very soon after one purchases their Nissan from a dealer in Orange County.

Breaking Suddenly

Breaks are important, and sometimes they need to be hit suddenly to avoid an imminent danger. However, for everyday use, they should only be used carefully, as otherwise they will be experiencing too much wear and tear.

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