Car Noises to be Aware Of

A car that is perfectly tuned and well kept has a very different sound from one that isn’t so, and which needs a few Nissan parts from Orange County changed up. For an owner that cares about their car, the first sign of an issue with their vehicle is a change in the way it sounds.

Grinding Under the Hood

If one hears a grinding noise in the bay of the engine, it could be due to many things. One could try to diagnose it, to better identify the problem, as this may help them figure out what Nissan parts from Orange County they need to purchase to replace the old ones. One should check to see if the grinding starts right after the engine is started. If that is the case, then they should check the power steering and water pumps, as well as the alternator.

If the grinding doesn’t start right away, one should take the vehicle for a drive, and hit the brakes. If there is grinding, then most likely, the issue is with the brake pads.Something else one can do is turn left and right, and if there are any grinding noises there, it could be because issues with the wheel bearings. Finally, if the grinding happens when one changes gears, it could be because of a clutch that’s too old, or issues with the transmission.

Shifting Gears

Almost certainly, if the noise happens when one is shifting the gears, it is because of an issue with the transmission system. If the noise is loud, or even clunking at times, and happens when one shifts into neutral, drive, or reverse, it could be because the torque converter is having trouble. Other types of noises when shifting gears can be due to clutches that are damaged, which means one may have to get those from Nissan parts services in Orange County. One should be sure to bring in a transmission specialist, who will be able to identify the problem a lot easier.

Engine Bay Knocking

If there is a knock coming from the hood is probably an issue with the engine. If this is the case, it is probably because of lubrication issues with the engine. Most likely, something will break, or has already broken. Of course, there are some engine that have a ticking sound, which is associated with its electrical parts.However, ticking sounds are different from knocking sounds.

Another issue that knocking sounds could be speaking of is the camshaft lobes that are too old. This is especially true if the sound comes from the upper part of the engine.

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