4 Best Nissan crossovers for this year

If you are looking for a certain level of flexibility in a car, then one of the best options is to get a Nissan crossover. This automaker offers a wide-range of crossovers that provide the best kind of service whether you plan to drive in the city or off-road. To check out some of its most amazing crossovers, you should drop by a Nissan dealer in Orange County near you. If you don’t know what cars to look into, here are some of the best crossovers from this brand that are either made available this year or will be launched soon.

1. Kicks 2018

When it comes to a crossover that comes with a compact body and a very stylish appeal, the Kicks 2018 is the car to look into. The Kicks 2018 is probably the smallest in this brand’s lineup of crossovers. So, if you are looking for a flexible and reliable ride that is perfect for daily city driving, then this is it. Additionally, this compact crossover takes pride in its plethora of safety technology that makes driving easy even to a newbie driver. The Kicks 2018 is the perfect companion for people who are always on-the-go.

2. Rouge Sport 2018.5

The Nissan Rouge Sport 2018.5 is one of the most advanced crossovers that you can find in Orange County. This vehicle is packed with technologies that allow it to drive on its own even for just a bit and it has a ton of safety features. Although it isn’t the biggest crossover in the lot, it offers a ton of space inside the cabin for both passengers and their luggage. It offers a level of flexibility in space use as well. Driving it daily, you will definitely notice its premium driving experience that is truly enjoyable. This crossover offers great value for your money and it comes with a hybrid option as well.

3. Murano 2018

The Murano 2018 is a mid-size crossover that has an aggressive appearance but guarantees a cozy drive every single time. Just like other cars from this brand, it is loaded with safety features to complement the fun driving experience. It is easy to use and is a great first car for a young driver. It is also loaded with a lot of technology such as having an intuitive infotainment system matched by a huge touchscreen display. In terms of fuel efficiency, the Murano 2018 is one of the best crossovers and provides amazing mileage with every drop of fuel.

4. Armada 2018

When it comes to a sizable crossover, the Armada 2018 is a great car of choice. This car is powered by a muscular V8 engine that provides great hauling capability. Its V8 engine is sufficient to haul the massive ride that comes with a huge interior space. It is one of the extravagant options for crossover in this car brand’s lineup.

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