The Best Time to Buy a Sedan Is Right about Now

Sometimes you have to think about your purchases with an investor’s eye rather than that of a consumer’s. Why? Because right about now is just about the best time in recent memory to invest in a sedan. The reason for that is that the sedan market has been terrible over the past few years with the introduction of crossovers taking over markets once dominated by sedans. The notion of a “family car” has been completely swallowed up by midsize crossovers that offer buyers the size and cargo space of an SUV, with the handling and maneuverability of a sedan. Meanwhile, sedans have gotten bigger and bigger over the years as consumer focus groups key in on traits that they’d like to see in future sedans.

The problem is no matter how big the sedan gets, it’s never going to be big enough for consumers. The issue isn’t how wide or how how much space it has on the inside. The thing that consumers really want from a vehicle is for it to be higher off the ground. Fundamentally, midsize SUVs are no bigger horizontally than your average midsize sedan. Many companies use the same chassis from their midsize sedan to undergird their midsize SUVs. What the SUV has that the sedan doesn’t is its height.

“Even the compact and subcompact SUVs are higher off the ground than fullsize sedans like the Nissan Altima,” says one Santa Ana auto market analyst. “For a lot of folks, that matters more than internal cabin space. It’s also the reason the sedan market is in shambles and why companies that rely on the manufacture of sedans are in serious trouble right now.”

Low Sales Make It Buyer’s Market

For folks with older vehicles, it’s a great time to invest in a newer sedan. The reason is simple. The supply of sedans hasn’t gone down but the demand has.

“It’s a pretty basic law of economics,” he continued. “When demand is low and supply is high, that makes it buyer’s market. Dealerships are trying to move their sedans off the lot to make room for the coming year’s models and they don’t want to be stuck with a lot of the older models. That basically translates into savings for the customer. You’ll find dealerships more likely to negotiate down a price with you, offer better deals on options, and lower financing rates. Basically, anything that will help move the cars off the lot.”

For those who still like sedans and aren’t falling for the crossover craze, newer sedans are a great option as they come with all the bells and whistles of the new breed of vehicles, top safety features, infotainment systems, and better fuel efficiency too.

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