Nissan Frontier vs. Nissan Titan: Which One Makes More Sense for You?

So as a bit of a side note, something has happened in the marketing of pickup trucks since 2013. Before 2013, pickups were often marketed as midsize and fullsize, but companies quickly realized that consumers didn’t want anything to do with a vehicle that was smaller than another vehicle that they could also purchase. As a result, there was an entire segment of vehicles, namely midsize and compact pickups, that no one in the country seemed interested in at all. As a result, most companies removed compact pickup trucks from their lineup and started renaming such vehicles “heavy duty” and “light duty”. As a result, there was renewed interest in not-the-biggest-possible-size pickup trucks, although the market still heavily favors bigger as better.

Hence we get to the next point: the Nissan Frontier vs. the Nissan Titan. For obvious reasons, Nissan is very interested in marketing the heavy duty pickup as a bigger (and hence better) choice. The smaller pickup, the Frontier is market as a rugged all-terrain vehicle that is good for light duty work and capable of hauling a decent sized boat and delivering a healthy payload.

Cutting through market trends and manufacturer marketing, the truth is for most folks who want a pickup truck for personal use as a primary vehicle, the Frontier is the better option. Number one, it’s cheaper. Number two it offers you a great number of options (more on that later), and number three it will serve you well for most non-commercial purposes.

Anaheim drivers who are interested in doing some off roading can go with the Nissan Frontier Pro-4X which offers a number of options, including off-roading tires, locking rear differentials, and more ground clearance making it one of the top choices of off-roading vehicles. Of course, the Nissan Titan also offers this trim level, but it’s going to cost you a great deal more money.

For most folks, the Nissan Frontier is going to make the most sense, but that won’t stop the Titan from selling more units this year or next.

“Americans like big vehicles, and with the economy in great shape, and gas prices low, you’re not going to see folks thinking with their wallets. There’s a certain sense to that,” says one Anaheim auto market analyst. “Firstly, despite the price tag, the Titan can do more. If you need a heavy duty pickup for any reason, then you have one. It’s got a decent amount of cabin space so you can take the kids to and from school with it too. Do you likely need that much power? Probably not. Does that matter to most American drivers? It sure doesn’t seem too. Nonetheless, the Frontier is a great option and a great truck.”

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