6 Spots to Enjoy Nightlife Near Santa Ana

Orange County is a great place for people to enjoy the nightlife. This area close to the ocean is always hopping, making it easy to find a great spot for locals and vacationers alike. No one wants to show up at a popular club in an outdated car. The Nissan Juke is the perfect mix of SUV and stylish car, making it a great ride for being seen. It has room for several friends and great sound options to create an unforgettable night. Nissan Jukes are available at local dealerships in the Santa Ana area.

The Best Nightlife in the Area

Finding a great night spot can be challenging if the area isn’t well known or other responsibilities keep one from getting out much. This is a list of the best nightlife available in Santa Ana, making it easy to go somewhere great on the first try.

?        Mission Bar

?        Mission bar offers craft beer, a great atmosphere, and many deals to keep customers from going bankrupt. It has everything expected from a traditional bar, including a jukebox. They also have extremely comfortable chairs at the bar and a stone footrest to stay comfortable.

?        The Copper Door

?        The Copper Door is a nightclub, bar and restaurant rolled into one. Housed underground, this club keeps the music loud. They feature different theme nights and offer a wide array of food and cocktail choices. The decor is primarily wood and offers a round, communal bar, adding a twist to traditional seating. They have a calendar on their website that lists all their events and they are strong supporters of the  fine arts community.

?        Vacation Bar

?        Vacation Bar is a new addition to this area but is already making a name for itself. They have vacation-themed food and drinks based on travels around the world. Upscale decor and seating truly make this bar feel like a vacation to a distant location.

?        Bar Ellipsis

?        Bar Ellipsis has been compared to nightlife in NYC. They have a low-key vibe and offer a large list of cocktails. They are located underground near the Yost Theater. Bar Ellipsis has a wide array of musical performances, so there is always something for everyone.

?        EnVy Lounge

?        This lounge looks like a speakeasy from the 1920s. Plush seating and velvet curtains add to the luxury vibe. They offer cocktails and a full dinner menu. They often have interesting events and are available for parties as well.


When choosing the next nightlife spot, these businesses are the best shot at having a great night out. When choosing a new vehicle, make sure it’s one that will be noticed. The Nissan Juke is a great addition to any night out with its modern style and room for friends and Santa Ana has dealerships currently offering these vehicles.

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