5 Tips for Buying a New Car

Buying a new car can seem like a daunting task. Research is the key to making the transition into a new vehicle. Fortunately, there are many websites dedicated to car pricing and loan advice, making finding information even easier. There are many dealerships in Santa Ana that offer the types of vehicles you may be looking for — including the Nissan Frontier.

Tips for Purchasing a New Vehicle

There are several steps to buying a new car, many of which need to be done prior to the initial test drive. Following some basic tips will make the entire process easier and faster to complete.

Research the Vehicle

Begin by researching the model of a vehicle and selecting your most desired features. Going in blindly can make the overall selection too massive. Being overwhelmed is not an emotion people want to deal with when choosing a car. They will pick the cheapest car just to get out of the dealership.

Get Preapproved for a Loan

There’s no reason to get a new car if the loan won’t go through. Many dealerships will search for a loan during the purchase, but they often have high percentage rates. It’s best to try and obtain a loan before going to buy the car, this way there is a set amount to work with. Credit unions are great places to get vehicle loans because their percentage rates are typically lower. If there is a mortgage through a bank or credit union, that can occasionally be coupled with a vehicle loan for perks.

Check Kelley Blue Book

Research how much the current vehicle is worth before relying on it for a hefty trade-in value. Kelley Blue Book will give accurate trade-in values on all vehicles. The website is easy to use but does require honesty from the owner. Don’t sugar coat the condition of the vehicle. A true value will be assessed by a dealership, so it’s best to predict what they’ll come up with before taking the vehicle in. Some vehicles and brands retain their value much better than others. Knowing the ballpark amount before heading to the dealership will save time and work out better all around.

Go for a Test Drive

Most dealerships have their stock listed on their websites. Find a dealer that has the exact vehicle considered down to the features and color. Make an appointment for a test drive and head to the dealership. Check if there are any dealer-installed options or deals running. Occasionally, floor mats or truck bed liners are included with the purchase. Take the time to get a good feel for the vehicle. Check the space and handling. Make sure that car seats will easily fit if needed.

Finding the best vehicle takes research but is well worth it. Dealerships are available to help choose the most appropriate vehicle. For those who are considering a pickup in Santa Ana, the Nissan Frontier is a great option and can be bought fully loaded if desired.
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