Taking Your Driving Test? Here are 5 Tips You Need to Know

Teenagers can take their driving test as early as 16 years old, as long as they have fulfilled the proper requirements ahead of time (theory classes and driving school). Despite having had plenty of practice, it isn’t uncommon for teenagers to report feeling high volumes of stress a couple of days prior to their exam. In the end, getting a license is a lot like acquiring a new sense of freedom, and having a car in high school is something that many teens hope to obtain. The following are the top 5 tips you need to know if order to pass your driving test.

Practice Makes Perfect

While this may be somewhat of a cliche, it is the truth; practice does make perfect. In order for a teenager to feel confident in their driving skills, they’ll need to have practiced for hours on end. Individuals who have not driven for weeks and then suddenly take their car exam can end up feeling nervous, which can lead them to making a major mistake and failing.

Drive to Your Driving Test

Asking one’s parents if they can drive to their driving exam is going to be key, as this can ensure that they aren’t rusty in the slightest. In addition, parking the car in a manner that is easy to pull out from can reduce the risk of one having difficulty backing out of their spot. Backwards parking into a parking spot is going to be the best option.

Bring Your Own Car

Since not everyone is going to be able to take their parent’s car to their driving exam, driving schools are going to offer their students rentals. However, getting into a car that one has never driven before can easily make them flunk their exam. In order to pass one’s test on the first try, using the automobile that one feels most comfortable with will be most beneficial. The problem is, taking one’s parent’s car to their exam during the workweek might not be a possibility. In order to make things work, teenagers should ask their parents what days would work best for them, and then schedule their appointment around their parent’s working schedule. In the end, if a teen has spent a year driving in a Nissan Frontier and then has to drive through the streets of Anaheim in an entirely different car, it can cause them to have more difficulty during their exam.

Don’t Forget to Check Your Blind-Spots

Every time a driver forgets to check their blind spot, their driving instructor is going to dock them a couple of points. In order to keep all of one’s points and pass their driving test, checking their blind spot is required. 
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