5 Tips for Roadtripping With Pets

There are many people who end up having to roadtrip with their pets for an array of different reasons. While some pet-owners might be moving to a new state and wish to cover the distance by car, others will have bought a dog for the sole purpose of going out on adventures. Before getting into a Nissan Altima and driving through the streets of Santa Ana, however, it is best to find out if traveling with one’s pets is safe or not. For the most part, animals are like humans and can become carsick and claustrophobic, and so taking adequate breaks is advised. The following are the top 5 tips for roadtripping with pets.

Don’t Let Them Sit in Your Lap

It is normal for one’s pets to want to sit in their owner’s lap at all points during the day, but doing so in a car isn’t always a good idea. In fact, some states have strict laws against allowing one’s pet ride on top of them while operating a vehicle, as this can cause accidents to ensue. If one’s animal isn’t taking no for an answer, tying them to their seat with a leash might become a necessity.

Ensure Your Car’s AC is Working

Before going on a road trip, it is wise for drivers to take their cars to see a mechanic in order to receive a clean bill of health. Since encountering complications on the road can ruin a road trip, most drivers are going to take the right precautions and ensure that their automobiles are safe and sound for both themselves and their pets. This includes insuring that the AC is functioning perfectly, as pets can quickly become overheated when driving through Santa Ana’s warm climate.

Bring Loads of Food and Water

In order to be prepared for the unexpected, it is crucial for pet owners to bring a large amount of animal food and water bottles. Keeping the water bottles in a cooler can also be beneficial, as drinking warm car-water on a hot day is less than ideal.

Don’t Forget the Leash and Water Bowl

In order for animals to not grow too wary, it is important to take breaks every hour or so and take pets for walks. This can give them time to go to the washroom, drink some water, and stretch their limbs. In order for this to be possible, bringing a leash and a water bowl is going to be required.

Take a Trial Run

Before committing to go on a roadtrip with one’s pet, it is best to take them on a short trial run, as to ensure that they do not become car sick.
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