5 Things to Consider When Teaching Your Teenager How to Drive

Most teenagers are going to start driving at the age of 16, as this is when they will be allowed to start taking their driving lessons. Before taking the required lessons and going for their driver’s exam, however, they’ll be allowed to drive with their parents so long as they have their driver’s permit. It can be very nerve wracking for a parent to let their child drive their new Nissan Juke through the streets of Santa Ana, but in order for them to get sufficient practice, they just might have to. The following are the top 5 things to consider when teaching your teenager how to drive.

If You’re Nervous, They’ll be Nervous Too

It is absolutely normal for a parent to feel nervous when their teenager first gets behind the wheel of their car. However, if they show them how nervous they are, their teen might start to doubt their own abilities too. In order to give one’s teen the confidence they need to drive properly, acting happy and not nervous whatsoever is required. If a parent is acting too nervous and covering their eyes or yelling, this can cause a fight to ensue between them and their child. A parent’s kid is going to feed off of their emotions, and so acting natural and confident is key.

Screaming Can Cause Them to Panic

There may be times when teens are going to lose control of the vehicle, especially in the beginning, but as long as their parents have brought them to a deserted location — they’ll be fine. Acting cool, calm, and collected is the attitude a parent should uphold when letting their kid drive for the first time. Suddenly screaming “press on the breaks!” or something of the sort can cause a teen to panic and press on the speed pedal instead, which can cause an accident.

Starting Off in a Parking Lot

In order to get a teen familiar with the feel of a car, it is best to bring them to a remote location for practice. The most ideal places are the large parking lots of shopping malls, as these are mostly deserted at nighttime. Allowing one’s teen to drive in circles, follow lines, practice parking, and get a feel of a car’s turning speed can truly help them feel comfortable on the road.

The Importance of Teaching Them how to Drive Manual

Parents who know how to drive a manual transmission should make it a point to teach their kids to do the same. This way, when they switch to automatic for their driving test, driving will seem very easy to them.

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