The 2018 Nissan 370Z Comes Back To Mark the Iconic Z 50th Anniversary

With the Z model’s 50th anniversary coming up in 2018, the heritage edition as it has been branded, is available in two colors: yellow and black. The yellow models have black mirrors and the graphics done in black, while the interior remains yellow. The black ones will have silver for their body and graphics.

A little bit of history

The Nissan Z-model has been in the auto industry for close to 50 years, and the base model features a two-seat GT engine with six cylinders, short deck, long hood, rear hatch, and a fastback roofline. The same philosophy has been carried through from the 1970s to 2016.

The interior

The gauges are centrally mounted and fitted with a new satellite navigation screen. The car utilizes a push button for ignition. The back section of the car has two seats, which do not give too much space for comfort. To access the rear seats, the front seats have to be pushed forward. This model has a small trunk that may not fit the household shopping list, but definitely can suit the regular cargo loads of these type of vehicles. Do not miss out on the 9.3 GB hard disk on the music system that can store your favorite music collection

The Engine

The Nissan 370Z in Orange County is powered by a V6 engine, but without all the things you would expect in a coupe such as turbocharging, supercharge, or electric firepower but still manages a 332 horsepower. It has a 3.7 liter VQ37VHR that offers flexibility and enough torque to push through 1000 RPMs on the sixth gear without a tug. The transmission is easy with its six-speed manual transmission. Do not forget that there is an option of a seven-speed automatic.


The steering wheel may be hard when driving, but acts exceptionally well when taking corners; it handles the bends without drama. The car has good brake response that is easy to control. Besides, it does not have a problem with understeering because the wheels stick to the road and respond well to every turn of the steering wheel.

Price and Value

Looking at its peers, the Nissan 370z in Orange County offers the best performance at half the price you will get for other dedicated GT-R sports cars that have superior performance.  The two-seat Nissan 370Z is the most affordable sports car.

It is a perfect alternative to the big names that ride on brand and bigger price tag.

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