Life Is Hard Without A Car

There are a lot of things that people can do without and are able to do just fine on a daily basis. Many people have become minimalists and cut out as much as they can from their lives so that they can live as simply as possible. People make do without a lot of things in their lives but one of the things that people don’t want to do without is a car, especially if they live in rural areas. There are so many difficulties that arise when you do not have a car or access to one.

?     Having to find a ride anywhere you go can be incredibly difficult. There isn’t always someone around to help you out, and sometimes, it can be embarrassing to have to ask for help. Family is usually the first choice when you need to ask someone for a ride, but some people don’t have that option.

?     If you have to take public transportation every day, it can lead to a lot of stress that you wish that you didn’t have in life. First of all, instead of being on your schedule, you are on the schedule of public transportation. You may have to wait around for long periods of time before you can go home, depending on the time that they run. Also, if you have children, transporting multiple children on a city bus or train can be very difficult and can make for a difficult day. Some errands, such as grocery shopping, can be made very difficult because carrying numerous bags of groceries on the bus can be annoying. Another difficulty with public transportation is when it is delayed or cancelled due to bad weather or holidays. Just because their service is disrupted doesn’t mean that your life gets to take a day off.

?     Not being able to find a ride or have access to one can force you to miss the important moments in people’s lives. There are things like school plays, family functions, and date night with the significant other that may not be possible when you don’t have a car. These are the types of moments in life that people really live for and it is a horrible feeling to miss them because you don’t have a car.


If you are able to visit the local Nissan dealer in Santa Ana, you should consider yourself lucky. There are some people that go without a car and their lives can be incredibly complicated and stressful. Not having a car can also lead someone to feel really bad about the way their life is shaping up. If you have a car, make sure that you appreciate that car and maintain it, because there is someone out there that doesn’t have one.

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