How to Prepare a Car for Sale (Part 2)

Scrub the Car Inside and Out

Of course, savvy sellers wouldn't dream of presenting prospective drivers with a dirty vehicle. When selling a car, it's important to make sure that it's noticeably clean on the inside and out. If the car isn't used often and is stored in the garage for days on end, sellers can simply opt for an initial professional cleanup and leave the car in the garage, clean and ready to be test driven by prospective buyers. If the car must be taken out every day, sellers should make a point of scrubbing the vehicle themselves before any meeting with a potential buyer.

Make Sure the Vehicle is Odor-Free

No one will be immediately inspired to purchase a car that smells notably funky upon entering it. Indeed, presenting a prospective buyer with a foul-smelling car is a surefire way to send them running for the hills. If the initial scrubbing session revealed any foods that were left lingering in crevices, or any other items that might be giving off a foul odor, it's important for sellers to remove these sources immediately. Replace the odor with a fresh scent by adding air fresheners in the vehicle as needed (don't hesitate to use 3 or 4 air fresheners if necessary), and spray the interior space with an air purifier or deodoriser. It doesn't take much to make a car smell fresh and new again, and prospective buyers will certainly appreciate the effort.

Remove All Personal Belongings

While Nissan Juke drivers in Santa Ana tend to love personalizing their cars with their own personal belonging, it's important to keep in mind that these items have no place in a car when presenting it to a prospective buyer. Indeed, a car should look as new as possible if the driver is looking to get it sold as soon as possible. Remove all bobbleheads, smartphone holders, bumper stickers, and seat padding, and make the car look as stock as possible. A buyer should feel as though the car is ready for them to customize, rather than having to go through the mental gymnastics of imagining the vehicle void of the seller's personal belongings.

Address All Warning Signals

If there are lights that pop-up on the car's dashboard after the car starts, these need to be addressed before presenting a prospective buyer with the car. If the driver notices the 'check engine' light on immediately after putting the car into gear, they likely won't have the most positive first impression of the vehicle. It's important for sellers to speak to a mechanic concerning all warning signals showing on their dashboard, addressing each issue accordingly.

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